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About Us

I am a certified professionally trained all breed dog groomer.

Best Friends Dog Grooming is owned and operated by Karen Martinelli. Karen’s love of animals creates a loving and caring environment for your dog. Our Goal at Best Friends Dog Grooming is to provide quality grooming for your pet in a safe and quiet home environment.

We ensure your pet has a positive experience so that not only do they look good, they are clean, content and they look forward to coming back. Each pet and their owner are treated with the utmost respect and diligence. We are trained and sensitive to specific grooming requests.

Our grooming techniques keep stress to an absolute minimum for all pets. Rest breaks are provided for young, elderly or easily stressed pets. We keep an updated record for each pet we groom so we can fulfill the owner's requests.





"I started bringing my dog to Best Friends Dog Grooming seven years ago when my dog was a puppy. Mollie has always been a nervous girl and thank goodness I was extremely lucky to have found Best Friends Grooming and as soon as I entered Karen's establishment, she put the dog at ease and I know that Karen was the "one" that Mollie felt calm and comfortable with. It also helps having her amazing dog, Charlie, greet all of the animals at the door. Charlie gives love to everyone and every dog that comes to Karen!!"

"Karen acquires all of the dog's health information and any fears or anxiety and you can tell immediately that Karen totally l-o-v-e-s the animals and working on them. Every animal has a different personality which Karen takes time to understand and she always gives the dogs that added little touch of caring and love. Her quality and expertise in her grooming is amazing!!! Over the years I've gotten to see many of her clients dogs and they all are groomed as if they're going to a dog show!!! I always feel so comfortable bringing my dog to her."

"I would highly recommend Karen's amazing service to anyone with any concerns or apprehension of bringing their "best friend" to a groomer. Simply put "Best Friends Dog Grooming is the BEST"."



"I have been having my dogs groomed by Karen (Best Friends) for about 8 years now and I can't imagine taking them to anyone else. Karen treats them all like they are her own. Jane (passed away just a year ago) developed a fat lump and Karen would check it at every visit to help me monitor the progress which helped me immensely since being with Jane every day, I didn't always notice slight changes in size of the lump. Karen has a special bond with the dogs and makes them relax and feel at home. The dogs are beautifully groomed and she takes extra care when trimming nails and gives treatments when necessary (i.e. for shedding). Once you meet Karen and her dog Charlie, and see the love and respect they have for each other, you will know that you have made a great choice for your dog. Her dog Charlie even shares her kennel with Bridie......literally.....they are in the kennel together at times!"



"Jack has been coming to Karen to be groomed for over 8 years. He enjoys his visits there as he gets to see his friend Charlie ( from puppy school). He walks in as though he is one of the family. Jack visits Karen every 5 weeks to be loved and groomed. I enjoy the fact that I can leave Jack and not have to worry about his time at the groomer. I would highly recommend Karen as your groomer."

-Susan Foster

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